Wants 1 Million Pics for $1 a Pop

 - Nov 25, 2009
References: mymilliondollarpictures
Remember the million dollar home page? (See below if not.) is a very similar, yet more modern, concept as it integrates social media.

The aim of is for the owner to earn $1 million by having people pay $1 to have their image uploaded and added to a mosaic of a million people. The concept is simple, really, and feasible as many people would have no apprehension shelling out $1 for a little bit of online fame—people buy Facebook "gifts" for $1 all the time, and that’s only for a micro-moment of small-scale glory. was launched on November 23. On the date this article was authored (November 25), the owner had sold 125 pictures—that’s $125 in a day and a half. Not a bad business model!