'My Edible Candles' Can be Eaten After They've Been Blown Out

 - May 29, 2017
References: thegreenhead
Traditional birthday candles burn when on a cake with dripping wax that often leaves a residue behind that isn't very savory for partygoers to consume, so 'My Edible Candles' are intended to help correct this. Crafted with an edible design, the candles are made using solid blocks of chocolate that can be lit for the birthday song, blown out and eaten without having to worry about any waste or wax to deal with.

The 'My Edible Candles' birthday cake candles are crafted from Belgian chocolate and even feature an edible wick to ensure kids and adults alike can consume the entire portion. If the drippings do happen to get on the cake from the candles, they'll only add a bit more sweetness rather than waxy flavor for a safe, delicious finishing touch.