Cutouts of Leo Travel the World with the Hashtag "My Date with Leo"

 - Mar 1, 2014
References: instagram & buzzfeed
These photos are from a series titled ‘My Date With Leo.’  The Instagram account shows the 90s-era cutout travelling across New York City. There is no denying people are encouraged and delighted to snap photos with the iconic star cutout creations. I know I would be more than happy to stand that close to him.

The hashtag being used along with the account is #MyDateWithLeo and it cultivates all the images that people are taking. The cutouts end up in a variety of different places like restaurants, IKEA, on a red leather couch, in a falafel shop and many other locations.

It is hilarious to see these cutouts end up at the most random locations. The My Date With Leo account says that the pictures are captured as is with no Photoshopping whatsoever. I think snapping a photo with Leo is a great way to spend your day travelling.