My Book by Denis Guidone Awaits Your Detailed or Your Mysterious Story

 - Oct 9, 2012
References: atelierdenisguidone
With its hardcover exterior in its bold red, black or white, My Book by Denis Guidone first appears like a volume that's packed with printed content. Quite the opposite is true, as you'll find when you open it up. Every block of bound papers has been left nearly blank.

The first and second pages of the book offer a hint of guidance for the owner of this unusual item, asking him to fill in his name, the date, his location and the title of the narrative to come. The following leaf introduces the possible chapters of the chronicle in the form of a working table of contents.

My Book by Denis Guidone "is a pretext to imagine a story." The modern person can treat the blank sheets as he will to tell truth or tall tales about anything he likes.