This Toronto Apparel Brand Counters the Fast Fashion Movement

Toronto apparel brand Muttonhead has been steadily making a name for itself as one of Canada’s top ethical and sustainable fashion retailers. Muttonhead specializes in "slow design" as a counter-movement to the rise of fad-focused, disposable "fast fashion." Rather than outsourcing its business, Muttonhead achieves a more ethical form of production by manufacturing all of their clothing in Toronto, while enforcing quality control and fair trade practices. The company even develops several of its own types of fabric, all of which are milled in Toronto as well.

Another unique aspect of Muttonhead’s approach is the focus on unisex clothing. The brand focuses on timeless, rather than fad designs, which appeal to both men and women alike. Founder Meg Sinclair explains that she wanted to create a lifestyle brand that produces timeless, high-quality outerwear "for the everyday adventurer", regardless of their gender. Her efforts herald a new approach to fashion design that focuses on sustainability and quality, over globalized, disposable fashion.