Volkswagen's Musical Car Ad Interprets a Song Three Ways for Three Cars

The ‘Volkswagen Beetle: 3-Track’ is a musical car ad that conveys the personalities of three different cars, all with the power of music. Red Urban Canada orchestrated the commercial, using the same song for for all three cars, but with a different delivery for the various colors of Volkswagen. The video runs a little lengthy at 11 minutes, but it’s worth seeing how each of the songs compares to one another.

The red car gets a "playful" melody with ukeleles, computer-generated sounds, jingling keys and manipulating on the body of the car for a range of songs. The yellow Volkswagen is represented by a "soulful" jam, which has a completely different tone and filter from the first video entirely — the choir helps too. Finally, the "powerful" rendition for the black Volkswagen lets the instruments do the talking with all the trappings of a rock band.

Considering how fast musical videos can spread across the Internet, Volkswagen’s commercial is on the right track, even if it does run a little long.