The Mush Lamp is a Bold and Brilliant Accessory for Your Living Room

The renderings of the Mush Lamp are rather seductive with the glossy red color of the iconic and contemporary fixture. The high reflectivity of the piece might first make it seem like a translucent material, perhaps making a formal reference to a squid.

But as its name suggests, the Mush Lamp is designed to be regarded as a toadstool mushroom, complete with a textured pattern of spots across the lampshade. The vivid ruby hue encompasses the entire tabletop accessory, achieved quite incredibly with a radiant ceramic glaze.

Camilo A. R. Marquez's fetching fungal creation comprises a slender stem that quickly and organically broadens into a wide circular base. The cutting-edge technology of the Mush Lamp allows its components to pickup hand gestures as commands for adjusting the light's intensity.