This Aluminum Landscape is at the Museum of Contemporary Art

 - May 28, 2013
References: cargocollective & sweet-station
This astounding aluminum landscape exhibit can be found in Tokyo at the Museum of Contemporary Art. This shimmering 8-meter high tinfoil-like mountain landscape was created with one huge aluminum sheet. The impressive landscape exhibit perfectly captures the appearance of real mountains, while inspiring amateur artists like myself to play around with regular kitchen-grade aluminum foil.

Due to the reflective nature of aluminum, when the sunlight hits this incredible creation it gleams and sparkles, unlike natural mountains. This exhibit is hollow on the inside, aside from some steel piping that holds this mountainous structure in place.

This intriguing foil landscape creation uses unusual materials to create an awe-inspiring work of art. This stunning nature-focused exhibit from Tokyo's Museum of Contemporary Art is a captivating example of what can be made from only a single sheet of aluminum.