Mulled Wine Charade Packaging Acts Out the Preparation Instructions

 - Jan 3, 2014
References: buddycreative & lovelypackage
Typically, your full-bodied grape-derived drink does not require directions for its preparation; however, Mulled Wine Charade packaging fills the roll of suggesting how its contents are best served. This playful corporate gift has a delightful canvas bag and a playful label, featuring four images of a cartoon woman acting something out.

I could be wrong, but it based on the charades rules that I know of, the answer seems to be a movie title of four words, with the last word being "hot." Some Like it Hot only seems appropriate, especially since the curvaceous character resembles Marilyn Monroe. Buddy Mulled Wine Charade packaging contains a beverages that's most delicious when warmed up, and ideally enjoyed with good lively company.