The Movinkler Expels Water Smartly with Sensors and a Directional Spout

 - Nov 27, 2013
References: & yankodesign
It's certainly helpful for buildings to have sprinkler systems installed on the ceilings to inhibit the spread of flames, but you can probably imagine all of the shortcomings of the standard setup. The Movinkler fire extinguisher is a clever adaptation that leaves no inaccessible gaps between units' reach and it actually uses less liquid to do a much more effective job.

The disc-shaped device is equipped with a heat-detecting camera that's constantly searching for areas that require attention. The rotating mechanism spins and directs its hinged spout directly at the spots with the high temperature. The Movinkler sprinkler can easily swivel about if the blaze in the room has been allowed to become quite widespread. Finally, Jin seon Lee's emergency system deactivates when the hot spots have dissipated.