Do Your Best CSI Miami Impression at This Mousetrap Crime Scene

 - Dec 30, 2013
References: pinterest & user MissingWillow has created this inspired morbid crafts project depicting a mousetrap crime scene in which a woman was sliced in two in what can only be described as the mousetrap fiasco of the century.

Complete with miniature CSI-like figures documenting the scene, blood, CSI equipment and of course the dismembered victim, MissingWillow's mousetrap crime scene looks like a scene taken right out of a late night cop procedural, except of course for the mousetrap. MissingWillow was also kind enough to inform us that "no mice were injured making this craft."

Made as a Christmas gift for her son-in-law, MissingWillow is showing that not all in-law relations need to be contentious. The only thing missing from this moustrape crime scene however, is a miniature David Caruso putting on his sunglasses while saying something snarky.