Motion In Air by Mike Campau Accentuates the Moves of Airborne Artists

 - Feb 22, 2013
References: mikecampau & damnitsawesome
Dancers have the ability to move their bodies in ways that seem to defy certain laws of nature and Motion In Air by Mike Campau captures and accentuates the intricate moves that dancers perform.

Taking standard shots and adding in computer-generated swirls to help highlight the fluid motion of the dancers bodies, Campau creates a set of shots that help to capture the imagination of the viewer and make them switch focus from the dancer themselves to the intricate manoeuvres they've mastered.

In essence, Motion In Air by Mike Campau captures the energy force that the dancers are emitting during their performance. Is this possible to capture naturally? Not easily. However, by adding in the swirls of energy, Campau helps identify the feeling behind the deeply passionate moves.