Cultural Match-Making Astrology Merges in The1440System

 - Apr 20, 2011
References: somebodytolove
Paul Watson is the founder of and creator of The1440System. This intuitive system combines the Eastern and Western cultures of astrology to provide those wanting to find out who their perfect match is, whether in work or love, with the most accurate compatibility reader ever invented.

Paul's methods are the first in the world to combine Eastern and Western methods. The1440System uses 12 Sun signs, 12 Chinese Animals and 5 elements to create 720 male and 720 female profiles which equates to 1440 profiles and 2,073,600 different relationship combinations. It is this possibility which allows Paul to generate unique and detailed insights into people's characters and provide the most accurate compatibility reader on the planet.

Paul has also compared the compatibility of celebrities from across the world using The1440System.

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