The Mosaic Museum of Ceramics Features a Riot of Broken Bowls

 - Nov 27, 2013
References: casanova-hernandez & archidesignclub
If the Mosaic Museum of Ceramics were a great deal smaller, it would certainly be the jewel of your china cabinet. This architectural project is a chaotic (yet harmonious!) meeting point for several contrasting styles, objects and ideas. Designed by Casanova + Hernandez Architects for the city of Jinzhou, this project certainly serves to enliven an urban park.

The multifaceted structure of the gallery and exhibition space is divided into irregular shapes that have been filled in with brightly colored bits of broken porcelain. Uniting East and West, the tiles form abstract patterns that mimic the vibrant paving of the surrounding landscape and the planting of vivid flower beds. The Mosaic Museum of Ceramics affords an abstract and exciting optical challenge that breaks up the rhythm and the uniformity that you often find in building design.