The Morie Nishimura 'A Quiet Celebration' Shows a Bright Reflection

 - Jul 30, 2012
References: ni-aa & dezeen
The Morie Nishimura 'A Quiet Celebration' collection opens up the possibilities that can be seen in our reflections. The series of mirrors was created by Japanese designer Morie Nishimura, who was inspired to create timeless pieces unaffected by passing fads. As the brass hinged mirrors open and close they resemble the wings of a beautiful butterfly. Nishimura designed the mirrors so they could be mounted on walls or be free-standing.

By using brass, Nishimura is harkening to early human history, examining how tools have become refined through the span of human civilization. And, as Nishimura states on her website these mirrors, "through a daily polish, [this] allows us to see ourselves in the same way those that came before us saw themselves."

The gorgeous Morie Nishimura A Quiet Celebration series of mirrors are available in either round or square versions.