Moon Cycle Bakery Crafts Treats to Support Menstruating Women

 - Jan 7, 2018
References: mooncyclebakery
Many feminine hygiene product subscription services acknowledge the important role that food can play in supporting the body by including treats like chocolate in their monthly boxes—Moon Cycle Bakery is a business that sets itself apart by making hormone-supporting baked goods the center of its business for women.

Those who subscribe to Moon Cycle Bakery receive a monthly delivery of sweet treats. To better cater to individual consumers, the delivery dates are sent based on one's personal cycle.

The dairy-free, gluten-free baked goods offered by Moon Cycle Bakery currently include options like: Chocolate Cups Sweetened with Ginger + Honey and No-Bake Oatmeal Turmeric Cookies. Some of the natural, nourishing ingredients that can be found in the guilt-free baked goods from Moon Cycle Bakery include primrose and cacao, which is rich in magnesium and helps to alleviate cramps.