This NeatoShop Gremlin Laplander Snarls at the Snow

 - Jan 31, 2013
References: neatoshop
The Gremlins' monster hats from the NeatoShop will scare away old man winter. The hat is styled in a very cartoony fashion, but don't let that fool you -- it's mean and green. The face of the gremlin sports a vicious and menacing smile that is true of the Gremlins' way. It also contains entertaining details like a furry tuft of hair on its head and puffed three-dimensional ears.

Laplander hats have become increasing popular, especially because they mix so well with items from popular culture. These monster hats is a perfect example of that.

Perhaps the only good news is that one does not need worry about the three rules concerning the Gremlins... The rules have already been broken, because this Gremlin is out on the loose!