Monette & Mady by Maja Daniels Capturing Mirroring Red-Heads

 - May 31, 2014
References: majadaniels & beautifuldecay
While other photographers have captured identical twins before, few have created full photo series around one set like Monette & Mady. This photo series follows the two red-heads as they go about their business around Paris. It was shot once London-based Swedish photographer Maja Daniels finally approached the two after watching them from afar for years.

Never married and with no children, Monette & Mady have managed to solidify their twin nature as few truly do (or even desire). They wear the same clothes, eat the same foods (in the same portions) and even more in similar ways. Daniels writes, "The streets of Paris make the perfect backdrop for such ambiguity to be played out, confusing us with its references to fashion, film and art. It makes the documenting of everyday events somewhat surreal."