The Monday You Bastard Sweater Shows Your Contempt for the Worst Day

 - Nov 12, 2013
References: fancy
The first day of the week can easily seem like the worst day of the week, making the 'Monday You Bastard' sweater the perfect choice in apparel for your likely-to-be-miserable Monday morning. After a luxurious two days of sleeping in, waking up at your usual 6am can seem like an unreasonably cruel punishment.

Even though it's small, this sweater can seem like a form of resistance against the Monday Gods. So next Monday, when you get invariably stuck in traffic, burn the roof of your mouth with your cappuccino or forget your cellphone at home, at least you can warn others to stay far away with your blatant, Monday-loathing sweater.

Don't exhaust yourself with sighs, eyeball rolls and muttered curse words; let the Monday You Bastard sweater do the complaining for you.