The Milk Box Shelters Your Furry Friends in an Adorable Oversized Package

 - Jul 12, 2012
References: moissue & design-milk
It's unlikely that your feline will appreciate the humor in his very own Moissue Milk Box, but as the owner, you might find your heart melts a little with amusement each time you see your pet's head peeking out from inside this magnified milk carton fort.

The utterly endearing pet bed is constructed quite simply of cardboard, proving further to strike a close relationship to its 250mL object of inspiration. Several crisp creases shape the shelter into the perfect reference to a single serving container of a dairy drink, emphasized more still in the plain white color of the cute cat sanctuary.

A little straw hole in the roof of the Moissue Milk Box gives your kitten another feature with which to play. For your own augmented enjoyment you can decorate the house with stickers and marker scribbles.