The Moire Lamps Embody Bold Yet Diaphanous Designs

 - Feb 5, 2014
References: petitefriture & mocoloco
Even though the Moire Lamps are made from fine and delicate fabric, each one manages to assume a presence that's rather striking and bold. The Petite Friture light fixtures have been designed to take intriguing geometric shapes that are the product of the material's folding, overlapping, inward turning and stretching on three structural rings.

The tight weave of gray or black polyester gently diffuses the illumination that's emitted from the core of the 'Memory' luminaries. The doubling over of the webbed cloth and its constriction around the fitting further darkens the area immediately surrounding the light source. Marc Sarrazin's Moire Lamps direct their unscreened beams downward, inviting you to orient them according to your needs. They can function as pendant lamps, floor lamps or wall lamps that you can simply pin up.