Barry Jackson's HIVEHAUS is a Modular Housing Design Inspired by Bees

 - Sep 18, 2014
References: hivehaus & design-milk
With the hexagonal shapes that make up Barry Jackson's modular housing design, it's hardly a surprise that the design has been dubbed the 'HIVEHAUS.' The housing structure takes inspiration from beehives and the cellular structures that honey bees use within their hives. Each modular cell can be joined to another unit to form a cluster that neatly fits beside one of the six walls.

Each tiny unit is only about 100 square feet in total and is designed to fulfill a specific purpose. For example, one HIVEHAUS cell could be used as a sleeping unit while another serves as a kitchen and another works as a lounge space. Part of the beauty of this design is that the dividing walls can be added or removed to make the design as closed off or as open as you'd like.