Mixgar Allows Club Patrons to Become DJs at Hot Spots

 - May 23, 2011
References: mixgar & digitalnatives.blog.hu
Serving is the new selling and pub owners will show you why; with a new mobile application, club patrons can become the DJs at their favorite pub, club, restaurant or music festival through an ingenious on and offline mobile pub radio game called Mixgar.

Mixgar -- developed by the Budapest headquartered DigitalNatives -- is a modern-day jukebox solution for pub owners and entertainers who want to turn music-lover clients into music-addicted patrons.

The game is simple and all you need is a Wi-fi connection and party-goers with smartphones. The moment you check-in (with the help of Foursquare or Facebook) to a member pub, Mixgar collects logged users' music preferences and creates the pub's very own playlist that appears on your mobile phone and calls for action! You can vote for the songs on the playlist, influence the music of your own mobile pub radio and observe how the playlist changes when a group of metal fans arrive!

The nice thing about Mixgar is that it's not just about listening everyone's favorite music as the playlist is based on common musical denominators. You might actually discover cross-genre favorites!

The Mixgar mobile pub radio game service and application is being tested currently, but look out for adhering member locations starting in the summer party season.