The Mobile Ears iOS App Boost Sound With Smartphone Microphones

‘Mobile Ears’ is a newly launched iOS app designed to aid those suffering from mild to moderate hearing loss. The mobile platform is compatible with Apple's iPad, and iPhone devices and works to amplify sound with the help of a device's built-in microphone system.

Those with mild to moderate hearing loss can use the platform to reduce the impact of background noise during group conversations or work meetings, and can also amplify the sounds around them if needed.

Mobile Ears is a convenient solution that is ideal for on-the-go use, making auditory issues more manageable among those who struggle with hearing loss while in transit, in the workplace, or at school. Additionally, the platform sets itself apart from competing apps, thanks to its customization feature which allows for hearing level adjustments that are centered around a user's age, and gender. The app also cuts costs, saving users money that would otherwise be used to purchase expensive hearing aids.