The iXpand Memory Case Adds Space Externally to Mobile Devices

 - Jun 28, 2016
References: amazon & blessthisstuff
With many mobile devices having fixed memory capacity, it can quickly become inconvenient to the consumer when the space fills with apps, audio files and photos to its max capacity. The iXpand Memory Case provides a simple solution by adding more storage through the case. This allows consumers that have maxed out their smartphone storage or are seeking for an external place to house extra photos, videos and files to have a convenient place to do so. While offering additional memory, the case also ofers a protective outer shell to keep devices safe.

The iXpand Memory Case is a design put togehter by SandDisk that offers 32 to 128 extra gigabytes of space. Despite the vast increase in memory, the case is slender and slim connecting to the smartphone through the charging port.