The 'Mobile Dependance' Chart Dishes Details on Business Travel

 - Jul 14, 2012
References: pchousing & pchousing
The 'Mobile Dependance' Chart takes all of the smouldering mystery out of the suited man (or professional lady) in the plane seat next to you. Buckle up, folks.

This infographic gives you the dirty details about the average business traveller's technological habits, as the picture painted is of a Wi-Fi obsessed man who carries everything from a cell to a laptop to the latest Microsoft tablet -- all at the same time. They are heavy smartphone users (so much so that feelings of loneliness surface in the phone's absence), frequently check into Facebook and skimp on physical activity.

The most startling statistic is that these hardworking executives pull in a whopping 240 additional hours a year compared to the average worker -- these guys don't know how to take a vacation.