This Rental Service Provides Charger Packs to Power Smartphones

 - Nov 16, 2015
References: nrg & psfk
This rental service provides powered-up mobile chargers that lets users charge a device on the go.

NRG Go is a charger rental service based out of Houston, Texas that offers an on-demand power service for mobile devices like Android phones or iPhones. If you don't have access to an outlet, simply rent a powered-up charger from NRG Go and connect it to your device. The mobile charger pack slips onto the back of your electronic device, and can refuel it as you go about your day. Once your phone is fully charged, simply drop off the power pack at one of NRG Go's fifteen different locations in Houston.

This service is an easy way to charge a mobile device without being confined to an outlet, and each power pack is also charged using renewable solar energy.