These MMMafia Censored Ads are Fauxtastic

 - Dec 12, 2008
References: adsoftheworld
The MMMafia are proud to be the "sexiest Italian food in town." And in order to communicate their raunchy image, their new ad campaign censors the word ‘food’ as F!#& in the copy, making it look like another word altogether.

The ads use witty copy text like, "Our F!#& will make you scream in delight," "Our F!#& will make you come again & again," "The most exciting F!#& you will ever Have!," and "You’ll remember our F!#& for a lifetime!"

The campaign was created by ‘be positive 24’ ad agency (Chennai, India) with art director Sunil V and creative directors/copywriters Sandeep Makam & Abhishek D Shah.