Mishinsilo Illustrates Surreal Depictions with Aquatic Motifs

 - Mar 8, 2012
References: mishinsilo.deviantart & ufunk.net
DeviantART user Mishinsilo has a special affinity for aquatic life that’s made apparent in her superb fantasy illustrations. With a visual style that’s largely influenced by Japanese animation, Mishinsilo renders subjects with or surrounded by octopus and fish appendages. In one of her recent paintings, she depicts a mermaid whose lower half is cut up sashimi-style and sitting amid sushi as she stares disapprovingly at the viewer while smoking a pipe. If that isn’t imaginative, I don’t know what is.

Mishinsilo renders her work digitally, although some pieces start out as pencil drawings. You can track her progression and evolution of style on her deviantART account as she moves away from line work and adapts a more painterly look in her finished products.

When she’s not creating eye candy, Mishinsilo is an Indie Game Developer.