'Misbehaving (ro)bots' is a Series of Bothersome Bots

 - Jun 22, 2017
References: nicole-perez & dezeen
Nicole Perez's 'Misbehaving (ro)bots' aren't like the typical robotic helpers that one hears about or even makes use of in their daily lives. While most robots or AI helpers are designed to be as efficient and friction-free as possible, the Misbehaving (ro)bots project asks what it would be like if automated technology was a little more unruly. The robots in the project are designed to intentionally mimic annoying human characteristics like pinching and pulling at clothing, poking, and smearing lipstick on pillows.

Perez's project is cheeky, but its based in a crucial concept. As people learn to rely more and more on pristine robots and automated technology in general, those seamless systems will inevitably alienate us from the messy, clunky, and annoying reality of relationships. Misbehaving (ro)bots asks whether robots can even master the imperfections of human socialization.