Miranda Barnes Shares Her Foray into Photojournalism with C-Heads

 - Aug 27, 2014
References: mirandabarnes & c-heads
Long Island native Miranda Barnes considers herself lucky when it comes to her childhood. She had the freedom to grow up with her own room, a backyard and few worries or cares. Her only complaint is that, in such a small county, "Everyone knows everyone and their business."

When it comes to her photography, Barnes focuses on youthful subjects. More importantly, she wishes to draw out each subject's "truth." Barnes explains, "I tend to document what’s already there and try to have the photo remain as natural as I possibly can." In other words, she isn't interested in staging her own narrative; rather, she looks for opportunity in candid moments.

In the future, Barnes hopes to work on a more concise photojournalism series.