Miniville Composting System Teaches Community and Eco-Friendliness

 - Jul 26, 2012
References: carolinekermarrec & yankodesign
Parents can kill two birds with one stone by introducing their children to the delights of playing with worms, alongside learning the process of turning food scraps into plant food. The Miniville Composting System is a great way to give children a bit of responsibility and to teach them about how to be resourceful and to demonstrate the way that nature works and communities operate.

A collaboration between la Florentaise, Kermarrec Caroline and Alizee Lambert has produced a multi-layered unit consisting of several levels of soil and a collection of compartments. The lower containers gather the organic fertilizer while the colorful upper ones act as receptacles for fruit peels and bread crusts. These are whimsically labeled with 'Library,' 'Bakery,' 'Cafe' and more to make the Miniville Composting System seem like a living urban environment for earthworms.