Minipresso by Wacaco Requires No Electricity or Cartridges

 - Oct 3, 2014
References: wacaco & hypebeast
People who hare trying to cut down on costs when it comes to enjoying a cup of coffee on the go will love the Minipresso. Created by Wacaco, the Minipresso is a portable, hand-powered espresso maker that can easily be kept at one's desk or even in the car with a jolt of java is needed. All the Minipresso needs to work is some water, ground coffee beans and a bit of muscle.

Shaped like a compact capsule, the design of the Minipresso is quite sleek. Yet what makes the Minipresso even more impressive is its price. At a mere $39USD, people will think this a very wise investment. After all, that is about the same price people would spend on about 10 cups of regular coffee at their local Starbucks.