The MINI Thailand Design Celebration Interprets the Car's Design 23 Ways

In an unusual tribute to a half century of the MINI car design tradition, MINI Thailand Design Celebration enlisted 23 of Thailand's most recognized and talented artists to re-interpret the classic car's exterior design, all in the form of a 1:3 scale fiberglass model. Each design is drastically different than the one before, a result of the total artistic freedom the artists were given to express their individual vision. According to If It's Hip, It's Here, "[t]he cars were displayed at the Bangkok Art and Culture Center and Central World Plaza as part of the Bangkok Design Festival 2010, where MINI was also the official car."

Participants in the tribute project included Taweesak Srithingdee, Jitsinga Somboon, Wuttikorn Kongka and many others. The final twist: the designed cars were auctioned off by MINI Thailand and all proceeds went to The Reading Room, a non-profit organization operated by The Foundation for the Promotion and Preservation of Thai Art.

Implications - Art is often used to pay tribute to iconic designs and businesses. Extravagant, buzz-worthy projects such as this raise the profile of the tribute subject to the outside world, and serve as an opportunity for artists both recognized and emerging to showcase their talent to potential buyers.