These Artfully Packaged Treats are Handmade in a Traditional Way

Artisan Biscuits, a family bakery that's based out of the Derbyshire Peak District, offers delectable Mincemeat Biscuits that come in beautiful winter-themed tins that make them perfect for gifting.

As the bakery has been around for over 70s years, it prides itself on its traditional methods that have enabled it to stand the test of time and remain popular among its loyal consumer base. In order to maintain a high level of consistency, Artisan Biscuits uses bronze rollers and the same moulding method that it used decades ago for all of its products.

A few of the ingredients that make up the star-shaped Mincemeat Biscuits are wheat flour, soft brown sugar, mixed candied peels, currants, bramley apples, and the brand's special mincemeat mixture.