The Listerine 'Mouth vs Life' Ad Shows What Kind of Damage You Lick

 - Jul 5, 2011
References: listerine & idarchive
A new interactive advertisement on YouTube brought to you by Listerine is called 'Mouth vs Life.' Thanks to Listerine, they put everything into perspective.

You are now able to see what kind of damage you may be putting your mouth through by the things that you put inside. You have the option to select an icon to see what your mouth goes through. These icons are things you drink, bite, eat, lick and hold. While clicking on some of the options, you are then directed to a video that you made from them.

After creating your video and viewing what you put your mouth through, the viewers are able to watch more 'leftover' clips from the Listerine Mouth vs Life ad. These clips contain information such as directors cut, tv ads and coming soon is the making of video.