Alchemist London's Million Dollar iPhone is Loaded with Gold and Diamonds

Seven months ago, Alchemist London jewellers set out to "redefine the meaning of grandeur" and the result is the $1 million dollar iPhone.

Phones are prone to dings and scratches, but this model is one that an owner will need to be extra cautious with, should they even take it out of the box. The phone itself took five months to create and with over a case made from 24-carat gold covered with over 1,600 F-grade diamonds, understandably so. On the back of the phone, the Apple logo alone is made up of 53 diamonds and the navigation button is also circled with diamonds, plus a larger two carat diamond at its center.

Only two of the extremely exclusive million dollar iPhones will be made and they will be unlocked to work with any network carrier in the world, plus come with a lifetime warranty.