Star Wars Fan Builds Her Own Millennium falcon bed

 - Jan 7, 2010
References: facebook & mysanantonio
The creator of the Millennium Falcon bed, Kayla Kromer, is a dedicated Star Wars fan and built the bed for her own use. "It’s super comfy," she says. It’s also amazingly accurate in its detailing, showing the iconic side cockpit, the cargo-holding prongs in front, lights in the front and back, removable plush radar and special "smuggling holds" where she can keep items such as books, glasses, etc.

The Millennium Falcon bed was built from a round bed from the ‘70s, a down comforter, foam, grey flannel fabric and sheets. Kromer, a first grade teacher in Austin, Texas (pictured here in Princess Leia costume), freehanded the details with fabric and spray paint over the course of three months. While most Star Wars fans are in awe over the amazing level of detail, some complain about the fact that the drawing is looser than the mechanical, angular lines of the real ship and some are annoyed about a picture of the ship’s cockpit showing Wicket the Ewok inside taking a joyride with Jar Jar Binks (whom many consider the bane of the entire Star Wars universe).

The Millennium Falcon bed isn't Kromer’s first foray into unusual sleeping furniture. Last year she got quite a bit of attention when she made a bed that looked like a giant cheeseburger that she ended up selling on eBay for over $3,000.

The Millennium Falcon bed is not on the market -- and neither is Kromer, who has gotten a marriage proposal from an especially ardent fan. She has a boyfriend and he wants the Millennium Falcon bed to stay right where it is. Sorry guys, maybe she’ll make another one to sell.