These 'Chipshakes' Turns Milkshakes Into a Sweet, Crunchy Snack

 - Aug 17, 2015
References: dailymail & mashable
A restaurant in the UK that specializes in fish and chips has embarked on a new venture -- deep-fried milkshakes. A cross between chips and milkshakes, the aptly called 'Chipshakes' are bite-size, crispy snacks.

The recipe is rather simple and includes milkshake ice cubes, milkshake powder, flour, eggs and other ingredients which form cubes when mixed together. The cubes are then battered and deep-fried, allowing a crunchy outside layer to form, while maintaining a warm, gooey milkshake center. The deep-fried milkshakes are offered in strawberry, chocolate or vanilla flavors, with each Chipshake roughly 500 calories each.

Mister Eaters Fish and Chips has expanded its menu and has become a destination for deep-fried food and drinks. Other creations include deep-fried Cadbury eggs and Spam doughnuts.