The 'Milk In My Sippy Cup' Video Spits Some Hardcore Rhymes

 - Jun 24, 2012
References: youtube & blameitonthevoices
The 'Milk In My Sippy Cup' video is surprisingly not an amateur production. The rap was created by San Diego-based twin brother duo Big Wax and Herbal T to make the first music video for Herbal T's son Max, whose alias may as well be Baby T. The music was crafted using the noises of Max playing with his music toys, the incredible edit then has the adorably hardcore rap over top.

The rap is a coming of age rhyme about the strife of being a toddler. Don't worry it is perfectly family friendly, and Max's perception is that the sippy cup is always half-full of milk, not half-empty -- if not, his Mommy will come and fill it up.

There is no doubt that baby's first rap may become all the toddler rage. One can only hope Jay-Z's daughter Blue Ivy will hop on this bandwagon.