The Miito Induction Kettle Only Heats Liquid You Need

 - Nov 27, 2014
References: & gizmag
The Miito is a kettle that combats the common problem of over-filling kettles, something most of us do from time to time that results in wasting of energy. This smartly designed kettle uses induction heating to boil just the water you need, rather than boiling a whole bunch of water only for a good chunk of it to not be used.

The Miito consists of a base unit containing an electromagnet and a metal rod with a plastic-coated tip. To boil water, the rod is placed into the vessel which is then placed on the base, with electromagnetic induction used to heat the metal rod and the water.

Thanks to this process, only the water in the vessel is heated by the section of the base unit closest to the rod's base. There is no heating of excess water.