MiG-21 Fighter Jet Sold On EBay

 - May 2, 2006
References: cavanaughflightmuseum & luxist
This week on eBay: a Chinese businessman Zhang Cheng bought a Soviet MiG-21F fighter jet. The price was just $25,000. That's a bargain. I wonder if he'll be able to import the jet to China? Cheng stated, "I have the buying power and my company has an empty space where I can display the plane."

From the Cavanaugh Flight Museum:
The MiG-21 was the first Soviet fighter capable of flying faster than twice the speed of sound. Its revolutionary delta wing design offered excellent handling characteristics, a high top speed and a respectable pay load. This potent combination of speed, agility and powerful armament made the MiG-21 one of the most competent and successful fighters of the 1960s and 1970s. MiG-21s saw extensive combat action in such diverse conflicts as Vietnam, the Arab-Israeli Wars, the Iran-Iraq War, Afghanistan and Desert Storm.