Midea Lighting Ads Shed Pounds with Efficient Globes

 - Mar 3, 2011
References: gdadc & adsoftheworld
No one likes to get up on the ladder to change draining lightbulbs too frequently, and these animated Midea Lighting ads give clever personification to those useless globes that burn bright and fade fast.

Society's moving in a direction where efficient long-life lightbulbs are a thing of the present; however, implementing such changes in the home can be a slow process. Recognizing that the last decade's lighting solutions often produce incandescent illuminators that waste much of their energy converting into heat, one may see the witty parallel to the habits of a fat man.

The Guangdong advertising agency of China designed this comical campaign to show just how much excess weight old technology carries compared to some of the streamlined consumables on the market now. The Midea Lighting ads light the way to smarter fixture purchases, one overweight light globe at a time.