Meuuh Lait Packaging Opts for Liquid Labeling

With the product wrapped up so nicely, I'd hate to spill the milk contained within Meuuh Lait packaging. The organic beverage brand sought the help of Atelier Pierre + Jean of France for naming and labeling to bring a common consumable a rank above the rest.

The calcium-rich liquid was given the amusing identity of "Meuuh" -- an alternative phonetic spelling of "mooo." Such a simple and straightforward name has been paired with an equally literal and minimal visual, in the form of a white splash.

Looking somewhat like the utters of a cow as well, the spilled motif could not be truer to the product. A simple system of text labeling further signifies the drink's flavors of honey and strawberry, rendering the Meuuh Lait packaging as to-the-point as possible with its iconic whitewashed carton.