Teens Take Up "Metro Surfing" for Daredevil Thrills on Moscow Subway Line

 - Apr 1, 2011
References: odditycentral
"Metro surfing" is the term coined by a bunch of daredevil teens who think they have found a new way to beat the hustle of the rush hour commute. Like most major cities, Moscow experiences an overwhelming amount of passengers during rush hour. Some teens who were frustrated at not fitting into the subway cars decided to try their luck by hanging onto to the back of the subway.

"Metro surfing" quickly evolved from simply riding behind the subway to riding in front and even on top of the high-speed cars. "Metro surfers" take head-mounted cameras with them on their wild journey to document their thrills in the hopes of becoming YouTube stars. Those thinking it's all fun may want to reconsider, as "Metro Surfing" has already taken a few lives.