Method Soap Packaging Makes Use of Refuse on the Beach

 - Oct 11, 2012
References: envisionplastics & thedieline
It's unnerving to think about how much plastic is being produced every hour of every day to make products that will never break down. Method soap packaging takes the noble and sustainable route to reusing the synthetic material that's already been churned out.

With much credit due to volunteers who collect used water bottles, pop bottles, takeout containers and toys along the shoreline, Envision Plastics melts down the pickings and makes new vessels from the scraps. The result is these iconic gunmetal canisters with push-pump lids that take the form of raindrops with speckled textures.

The benefit to the manufacturing of ocean plastic Method soap packaging is certainly twofold, with even greater indirect advantages. It holds a two-in-one dishwashing and hand soap that might even encourage you to consider conserving water when lathering up.