USB Powered 'Fairy Elf' Flutters When You're Pinged

 - Apr 12, 2008
References: kilian-nakamura
How many times you walked away from your computer while a MSM is coming in and you missed that ooohhh sooo important contact. The solution, as so many, comes from Japan. The USB powered Fairy Elf Messenger Doll from Shanghai Donya starts to attract your attention as soon as a message comes in. Condition of course is Windows Live Messenger has to be activated. The fun part is that the Elf reacts to any emoticons in the incoming messages by lighting up and flapping its wings, so that you can leave the message unanswered when it shows anger or run back to your PC when showing surprise or pleasure.
This 8cm tall toy connects to your computer via USB and is available in red, green, purple, or yellow.

Video with the courtesy of: Kilian Nakamura