The tâke Personal Pocket Safe & Secret Diary

 - Aug 25, 2008
The tâke Personal Pocket Safe will destroy any information if someone tries to forcedly remove the memory chip. Together with data-lock pin pad protection, this makes it one of the most secure ways to carry all your personal information and passwords with you.

In the internet age, computer users can have hundreds of passwords and account numbers that are impossible to remember by memory, so it has become very useful to take them with you at all times by carrying a USB drive. But what if someone else gets hold of it? If you used tâke products, that would no longer be a problem.

- You have to enter a pin number on the pin pad before using it
- Three wrong attempts and it is blocked
- Information secured by 256-bit AES encryption
- If someone tries to rip out the memory chip to use it in another device, the Personal Pocket Safe will destroy all the information on it. (So make sure you have a backup!)
- No trace of the software or information is left on the computer you use it with.

The Secret Diary version is for those who don't want to risk writing down their deepest, darkest secrets on paper. You can also personalize it with fortune cookies, a dream analyzer and an Emotion Sensor that changes colors on the screen depending on what you are writing.

At only $59.95, it's a bargain to have a secure and portable version of your personal records.