Someecard's Message Memo Pads Will Lighten Up Your Work Day

 - May 7, 2014
References: someecards & designtaxi
Someecards, a website made up of comical e-cards and greetings, has most recently released a collection of 12 sarcastic 'While You Were Out' message memo pads. The notepads are hilarious and boast sarcastic reasonings as to why someone had to take a message for you, or vice-versa.

The collection was created in the likes of Administrative Professionals’ Day last month, but secretaries, receptionists and administrative staff everywhere are bound to use these year-round. While the memo pads are supposed to be sarcastic, it's probable that many of the administrators can relate to the listed reasons as to why they are taking messages for their bosses .

Some of the funny memo pads state "While you were updating your Facebook profile" and "While you were taking your 15th bathroom break since this morning."