Merve Morkoc Memorial Portraits Feature Morbid Illustrations

 - Jun 19, 2011
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The thought of Victorian illustrations may sound a bit dull to some, but these Merve Morkoc 'Memorial Portraits' defy that stereotype. These kooky illustrations are part of a series that captures unusual pictures on canson paper.

Each of these Merve Morkoc 'Memorial Portraits' has a morbid undertone, as many of them showcase headless men, harpooned women and the insides of the human body. The morbid nature of the portraits makes each of them unpredictable and totally unique.

Merve Morkoc is the artist behind the drawings, and is known for unusual illustrations that commonly feature nudity and unusual subject matter. Merve Morkoc 'Memorial Portraits' are a sight to see for anyone who appreciates Victorian-esque art, photography or unpredictable illustrations like these.